All about Me

Hello Monday ! 

Thanks for being with this Monday. If you are new to the site let me tell you about me,my life and blogs .  I am Lisa Jung  daughter, Mom & Mother to One  Son and a household of pets. We  live in my Grandmothers house in the tiny town of Melville, La. population 1040 people . On the edge of the Atchafalaya Basin.


I finished college in Fashion Merchandising ( Home Ec degree ) & ran off to the Mid west and worked for a retail giant for many years. I meet my husband in the Midwest & lived in Michigan until we move back to Louisiana.

We moved here 7 years ago & my life took a big turn.  Part of that change was my new passion of blogging. Its a way to keep in touch with the world outside of this tiny town. Now our life is taking another turn : with my Son going away to college . You will see some new changes to my daily Blog.



Lisa ‘s Everyday Life : daily post about everyday things . But you will see some new things coming. 

Lisa Book Blog : Only books of all genre. lots of book tours,promo & reviews of books. 

Lisa’s  Daily Grind : Creative blog for creative people. Daily recipes & craft projects to try. 


Have any post suggestions? Looking for something new? Leave a comment?


3 thoughts on “All about Me

  1. Hi there Ms. Lisa! nice to know people like you from other side of the world although it’ s only through the internet. I’m a newbie in blogging world, having second thought at first to try but eventually learned that there’s so much more to learn and enjoy seeing, reading stories from other people. Now, im following you.


      1. Thanks so much, it’s actually one of my passion, WRITING. but sometimes i got distracted of some thoughts which delays my decision to continue doing it. I am also following you.


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