National Hot Dog Day

Happy National Hot Dog Day !!

A hot dog is just a hot dog. Right ! Just what I always thought but I have to say they do difference by area we have lived.

I always eat them as a kid  with ketchup & mustard ,onions ,sweet pickle relish . Or maybe a Saturday night special at my Aunt Jane’s that was always served with gold old Hormel Chili and chips surrounded by family.

But I moved around in the Midwest and found some new favorites while living in Michigan. We found hot dogs ( Coney) made in the Flint style or the Detroit style.  Read the  bellow post  to find out how the two  hot dog differences . I am partial to Flint but my hubby’s likes  the Detroit style. But we both agree that they need pickles from Tony Packo from Toledo ,Ohio. .( but pickles are another story).

Have a favorite style ? Something you want eat on a hot dog? 




 Flint Style Coney 


The Detroit Style Coney

Are you a Detroiter wondering what this thing called a Flint Style Coney is all about?  Well here is everything you need to know about the differences between a Flint Style Coney dog and a Detroit Style Coney dog.  The Flint style coney dog has been around for a long time and there seems to be an invisible border that separates the two styles of coney hotdogs.

It has long been debated as to which style of Coney dog is better.  They are certainly very different Coney’s.  The Coney’s in Flint are found at places like Angelo’s, Mega Coney Island, Flints Original Coney Island and are all made using Koegel hot dogs and the traditional Flint Coney topping.  The Flint Coney sauce is said to be dryer than its counter part in Detroit.  It is more of a hot dog topping than a sauce as it is more of a loose meat consistency.  Detroit Coney’s are more closely related to a Chili dog.  At the ever famous Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit you will likely be given a fork or spoon to help you eat your Detroit Style Coney Dog.  Both are high quality Michigan Hot Dogs.  Made using the highest of meat standards.  Koegel and Kowalski are the most popular hot dogs for both the Flint Style Coney and the Detroit Style Coney 

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