Aug 8 journal Entry * Thankful

Today is Aug 8th : What am i thankful for this week.  Is today's prompt. Need to check the list - check my planner page up top. , Lisa  Well I am thankful that my Mom's latest hospital visit was short.  She went in to do some maintenance on her port for  dialysis.  Mom's home and back … Continue reading Aug 8 journal Entry * Thankful

My Weekly Planner :

Wends day is planner  day with lots of fun projects to make your life easier: plan·ner ˈplanər/ noun 1. a person who makes plans. 2. a list or chart with information that is an aid to planning. "my day planner"   My  today's Planner is from Simple stories Shop Here But it's an actual small album … Continue reading My Weekly Planner :