Welcome to Me Monday *

Welcome to Monday ! 

Today I would like to thank all my followers and those that are new to my site – Welcome friend.  Grab your morning coffee and sit down and Enjoy.


Lisa Everyday Life – is just that my everyday life in South Louisiana. Each day I share a little of what is going own in my life – on Monday I blog about Me, family life -things that happened over the weekend.  A recipe I discovered or a book. If you check my Home page I have a schedule I  try to follow along . But I am a Mom ,daughter & wife and life gets busy so  sometimes Life happens.

So Me – Born in Louisiana , a degree in Fashion Merchandising/ Home Ec- and went to work for a big box store in the Midwest  ( 20 years) . Meet my Hubby whose from Ohio. We have one son and  lived in Michigan for many year until we moved back to my tiny rural home town to live and take care of my parents.  My son just started his freshmen year of college after being Virtual Schooled for the last  6 years.   I love to read ,crafts and try out new recipes.   So on my site you will see that and more .  Be sure to share this site with friends & family that whats its here for,   Lisa


I call this a family of Blogs because I have more than one : 

Lisa Book Blog   ( Book site only ) all types of Books,Book tours,New Releases & Reviews. 

Lisa Daily Grind :    Creative Blog for daily recipes & Crafts only.  ( on Blogger /BlogLovin) 


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