Reflection on National Radio Day!

Happy Monday ! 

I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s and remember the Radio  But what happen to the Radio as we celebrate National Radio Day ? 

As the Song  say’s ” What happened to the radio?
What happened to the songs that we used to know?
What happened to the radio?
Maybe I’m just getting older

The Kenneths Lyrics

Well it’s not dead just not as popular to this newer generation of streaming music and custom radio in cars. But the  Radio is  still listened  to by millions . Radio is also a format that is easy to access and understand. There are still millions of people who have yet to try a streaming service, but everybody knows how to operate the radio. There is no learning time associated with enjoying music, and it certainly doesn’t cost anything to sign up.,For many a win win. So today Listen to your Radio and celebrate!   Lisa


maxresdefault (3)

The 70’s music allowed artist more freedom to express themselves and Us to get our Groove on. On the dance floor -like a dancing Queen.  : Lisa

Hit Songs of the 70’s

Bridge over Trouble Water

American Women

Mama told me not to come

Stair way to Heaven

Stayin Alive  ( Saturday Fever)

I will Survive

Papa was a Rollin Stone

Dream On

And so many more.

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