Red Velvet Cake Murder *

My son’s favorite Cake and the newest book in the  Sweet Treat Cozy Mystery series : 


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With the school year quickly approaching, Molly Jenn wants to do something special for her young employees, Bonnie and Braxton. It’s off to Jekyl Island for a weekend beach trip with promises of fun and good times.

All is well, that is, until their kind host is found dead. It’s up to Molly, her parrot, Whammy, and her friends to find the identity of the killer before they strike again.

Join Molly for some red velvet cake, a beach house, and an unexpected twist you will never see coming!

Book 6 in the Sweet Treat Cozy Mystery series, which can be read in one to two hours! Perfect for a lunchtime read or if you want to enjoy a quick light-hearted read, with a parrot-loving amateur sleuth, set in a seaside town with quirky characters.

No cliffhanger, swearing or gory scenes!


Growing up, Lori Woods secretly hoped she’d turn into a witch when she’d become twenty one.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So much for saving all those broomsticks! However, Lori decided that she’d pour all her wishes for paranormal mystery and adventure into her books, and live vicariously through her characters instead.

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