DIY Wine Class Charms

Happy Friday ! 

If you read yesterday post ( I know you did) – I mentioned Wine charm rings in my Thanksgiving Table post. These nifty little things are perfect for any get together at home or make a set for a hostess gift ( box together a set with a bottle of wine ). Lisa

Wine glass charms, also called wine glass markers, are often used at parties because help keep track of which glass is whose. Charmsbeads, or a combination of both are attached to a wire ring that fits around the wine glassstem. Crafters can make elegant or whimsical additions that dress up plain wine glasses.


So what do you need to make a set for a Christmas Eve party ? 


     Supply  List : 

Pliers ( optional but you may want them if you are making your own rings) 

Wire Wine Charm Rings 


  • You can use wire earring finds from Walmart bedding section. (buy the largest & strongest )
  • You can purchase them with Beads on line Oriental Trading Co

Make Your Own : 

  • Wrap your wire around a larger, round object to make it about an inch in diameter.( I use a large thread spool).
  • Make a loop on one ends -thread on beads and place the other side into the loop to fasten.

Beads and charms – pick your own choice at any craft store /Walmart in the area. My holiday charms came from Hobby Lobby. 


 I made a set for a retirement/going away party .

20170428_105020 (1).jpg


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