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In The Art of Doodle Words, YouTube artist Sarah Alberto shows you how to combine hand lettering and carefree doodles into your own artwork.

If you love the look of hand lettering and calligraphy, but find it too intimidating or perhaps too ornate, then The Art of Doodle Words is the book for you. Now you can learn the basics of lettering just by doodling. Sarah Alberto, the artist behind the popular YouTube channel Doodles by Sarah, likes to start her doodle words with a simple letter or word.

Whether you’re drawing a word like cold or love or idea, Sarah will show you how to transform it into doodles using super-cute sketches and simple lines. A basic word becomes an adorable illustration. Sarah will also teach you how to work in reverse, starting with a doodle and turning it into a cute illustration of letters and words.

Pick up The Art of Doodle Words and begin learning stress-free, laid-back lettering styles now!



Net Galley Review : Was so excited to read this and try out all the amazing examples. I am a doodler and this inspired me to do more of them. Sarah book was easy to read and follow with cute examples. Read the book and start your journey into doodling- it starts with a simple letter. 




Introduction •

Hi! My Name Is Sarah.

I’m a doodle artist and stay-at-home mum from Sydney, Australia. Art has always been a part of me. Ever since I was young, I loved to draw but I never took any classes or attended art school. I only considered drawing a hobby, but I dreamed of becoming an artist and creating my own comic book one day. One of my biggest art inspirations and influences came from watching Japanese anime. Growing up, I also enjoyed reading about superheroes and characters in fantasy novels. I loved looking at different artists’ styles and approaches, but that was where it stopped. I never thought of pursuing art as a career. It wasn’t until I had my first child that my interest in art was rekindled as a way to relax while being a new mum.

I finally found my calling when I started to make little doodles for the pages of my planners because I couldn’t afford to buy the stickers or stamps to decorate them. A surprising number of people seemed to like what I was doing and asked me to post more doodles. From there, I decided to create my YouTube channel, Doodles by Sarah, to share my ideas and creativity.

In this book, I’ll share with you my techniques for turning words into doodles. I’ll take you through the basics of lettering, creating different letting styles, and ways to decorate and add detail. You don’t need anything fancy to start working on your own doodle words. All you need is your favorite pen, some paper, and your imagination.


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