Difference between Thankful and Graceful * Wed planner

Today Wednesday post is about being Thankful and grateful ! 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines thankful as “appreciative of benefits received”. It is a way of expressing appreciation with or without an act. … Gratitude is more like having a sense of thankfulness and the feeling is from within.


Grateful and thankful are both positive feelings of gratitude. The big difference between grateful vs thankful is that grateful implies that you need others to be happy, while you can be thankful without being dependent on others or external occasions. Instead, you can always choose to be thankful if you choose to.

So my planner is about being thankful for what I have and grateful that I can share it with others-  I am both Thankful and Filled with Gratitude this Wends-day  morning. Lisa 


I am thankful everyday I have my family with me. And my list of 10 can include many things more. I am also thankful for a  chance to share my  Mom’s  recipe for her squash casserole a family favorite for the holidays .  Lisa 


30 days of Gratitude  to others : 


My gratitude goes out to friends  and family. That is always ready to lend a hand in any thing I need help with. A recommendation on a place, a job or a recipe .My gratitude  goes out to you my readers – because of you I keep on writing and sharing – Thank You  Lisa 

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