Book Review * The Art of Crochet Blankets

Do you have a crochet fan on your shopping List? This is a lovely book to read and give . The Art of Crochet Blankets is just that master pieces of great blankets to crochet. Lisa

Discover a new source of inspiration for your crochet hook…the beautiful work of today’s modern makers!

Follow popular crochet blanket designer Rachele Carmona through her unique collection of crochet blankets inspired by the work of popular independent artists. The Art of Crochet Blankets will help you create your own colorful crochet blankets as unique works of art for your home! Inside this one-of-a-kind crochet blanket guide you’ll find:

  • Details on how to translate art to hook with 18 bold and unique crochet afghan patterns influenced by the works of their feature artist.
  • Modern quilts, fabric designs, tapestry weaving, digital art, and more become the source of one-of-a-kind projects for a more artful home.
  • Biographies and beautiful photos profiling 6 inspiring modern makers–Tula Pink, April Rhodes, Maryanne Moodie, Fransisco Valle, Maud Vantours, and Caitline Dowe-Sandes.

 Discover the inspiration that lies beyond the world of crochet with The Art of Crochet Blankets.

Net Galley Book Review: 

This is a lovely book and would make a great gift to a long time crochet fan, This is not a beginners book but is filled with clear patterns and lovely pictures that would make a great table book for any fan,  I received a beautiful  handmade blanket as a gift from a family member and even though I dont crochet at this level it was a great book to read.  Lisa 

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