Monday * My Small Town

Happy Monday ! Today I am posting about my small town in today post. I live in South Louisiana -beside the river in a small town less than 2000 people named Melville . In the last year my husband took a job with our local government. He went from working 60 plus hours in retail management with an hour drive-too walking to work in a regular office working 8-4 and holidays off. Hes finally using that Economics degree he has to help our community to progress to the modern age. Lisa

Part of the fun we had this weekend for the New Year is planning,set up and clean up of the Swearing in Ceremony of the new council and Mayor. So Mom did the party layout,planning ,invitations and decorating and Dad and son was the muscles to move table and chairs.

You are invited to the celebration:

  • At the: Civic Center ( old high school gym)
  • When : Friday night 6pm
  • Swearing in ceremony of town officials and refreshments will be served.

Set Up for Ceremony :

Our Civic center in a large old high school gym . That is rented out for special events and parties.

Oath of Office for Melville officials :

Tables ,chairs and food for all. Red,blue and white was the colors for the party.

Video of Ceremony :

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