Mardi Gras Crafts :

Today we are celebrating Mardi Gras crafts :

My Bead hall from a parade last year : 

Need some help with suggestion -once you bring them home. Check this link or donate them to one of the place that collect and reuses them.

I painted this and can be decorated or used in a center of a wreath. Purchase it from bellow:

Mardi Gras Card :

Done in traditional colors -perfect for the holidays . With homemade decorations. So No ! excuse if you cant find decoration-just cut out your own, Lisa

The House of the Rising Sun: 

There is a house in New Orleans . They call the rising sun

This light weight chipboard house is mod podge with colors of Mardi Gras .

  • white clipboard house (Micheal’s)
  • Assorted scrapbook paper (torn in pieces)
  • Black ribbon
  • clip art and embellishments
  • Mod podge / brush

The black and white symbolizes the black iron fenches surrounding the house in the garden district.

Thick layer of Mod podge and lay scrapbook scraps on . Add extra decorations as needed. And add a finial layer of Mod Podge to seal.

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