Mardi Gras Cookbooks

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The Best Thing about the MARDI GRAS? They get me EXCITED to COOK!

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No doubt about it. Each time a holiday like Mardi Gras draws near, I just couldn’t help feeling so pumped up. Something about the traditions, family get-togethers, and reliving fond childhood memories (and creating new ones) conjure a warm, fuzzy feeling. Haloween is truly special and amazing. They never fail to put a smile on my face. And the best thing to do at Mardi Gras is that we cook a meal for the dear family and friends. The book “Christmas Cookbook 365” will accompany with you in preparing the most delicious dishes!

  • Chapter 1: Mardi Gras Appetizers
  • Chapter 2: Mardi Gras Main Dishes
  • Chapter 3: Mardi Gras Desserts
  • Chapter 4: Mardi Gras Side Dishes
  • Chapter 5: Mardi Gras Drinks
  • Chapter 6: Amazing Mardi Gras Recipes  Read more

68 Recipes for in This Cookbook! – Cajun and Creole Recipes from New Orleans!

What do you think of when you think of New Orleans? If you are like me, you think of food! New Orleans, Louisiana is known for a lot of things: Mardi Gras, Jazz Festivals, Riverboats, Bourbon Street and lot of rich, flavorful food dishes that are specific to just that one city. There is both Creole and Cajun style dishes and I like them both. After spending over three years in New Orleans and taking several cooking classes on the cuisine I have written this recipe book with some of my favorite dishes. I hope that you enjoy!

There is nothing quite like Mardi Gras, carnival time all over the world, but particularly in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States, where Mardi Gras festivities combine pageantry with fabulous cooking.

New Orleans has become a melting pot of cultures and cuisines over the years, including Cajun, Creole, and also American Southern style and Tex-Mex. Situated at the mouth of the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico, it is also legendary for riverboats, jazz and “letting the good times roll.”

If you are interested in cooking, fun activities and great ideas to keep the children occupied while they are home from school or while you are homeschooling them, why not plan a fun Mardi Gras celebration with your family?

From traditional recipes to decorating ideas, from the meaning of Mardi Gras to typical ways to celebrate New Orleans-style, this handy guide can get you started on a memorable Mardi Gras celebration your whole family will love.

Learn how to make mouthwatering Cajun and Creole specialties quickly and easily, while learning about the cultures, seasonings and New Orleans lifestyle. From Crawfish Etouffee to Bananas Foster, Gumbo and Jambalaya to Po’boys and pralines, you are sure to find dishes for every taste that will mark this holiday without breaking your budget.

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