Book Review : The Herbal Handbook for homesteaders

Book Review : The Herbal Handbook for homesteaders

Looking to learn a little more about the plants in your life: Let The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders be your helpful compendium of herbal information and recipes for building health and tending to minor ailments out on the homestead.  When you’re a homesteader, you face many challenges: from a simple cold, to an earache in your child, fleas [...]

Day After Mardi Gras * Beads

Day After Mardi Gras * Beads

Now that the Party is over it's time to clean up . And start 30 days of Lent with Ash Wednesday being today if you are Catholic. In New Orleans -so far 262 tons of trash have been collected by the sanitation department. Going Green options: Reach out to us for more info on [...]

Available Now * Death of a Debtor

Cozy Mystery Book Tour

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Cozy Mystery lovers won’t want to miss the first book in a new series from Jenna Harte, DEATH OF A DEBTOR!


Forced to move back home to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia after her father and brother end up in jail for running a Ponzi scheme, Sophie Parker does the best she can. While living with her curmudgeonly aunt, she works as a wench waitress at a pirate-themed restaurant and learns the ins and outs of discount shopping through a coupon group.

Life goes from bad to worse when an innocent airplane ride with her former teenage crush, AJ, leads to her being picked up by the police. The plane’s indebted owner has been murdered, and he’s the man who helped put her father in jail.

What started as a curiosity has now turned into a quest to make sure she isn’t arrested. Armed…

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