Day After Mardi Gras * Beads

Now that the Party is over it’s time to clean up . And start 30 days of Lent with Ash Wednesday being today if you are Catholic.

In New Orleans -so far 262 tons of trash have been collected by the sanitation department.

Going Green options:

Reach out to us for more info on these beautiful beads made from recycled paper. It’s not too late to get your order in! We can help you host a Bead Party, and invite your float riders to check out these special keeper throws. Email to inquire! #recycledbeads#mardigrasbeads#carnival

Professor at LSU is studing Biodegradable Beads :

Beads Recycling:

Every year, 20 million pounds of plastic beads are shipped to the U.S., primarily from China, with 75 percent of them going to Louisiana . Both New Orleans and Lafayette has made it a point to recycle the Beads from the parades and streets . If you live in the area they have tons of drop off points to drop of beads or contact on of the amazing Non profits that recycle beads and resell them to fund there organizations :

Mardi Gras Beads Crafts :

Recycled Bead Coasters
  • A base shape ( can be round or Square ) made of wood /strong cardboard or Cork
  • Glue (strong ) or hot glue gun
  • Beads

Cut base to shape you want. If you want a pattern (you might want to sketck it out on paper or base. Put down some glue and get to work. After down -you may need to add glue in spots.

At Christmas time to decorate empty ornaments . xszdDay

Need more Craft ideas:

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