Countdown to College

Have a high school senior looking at Colleges ? This book can help you :

After all the testing and touring and applying, your child has been accepted to college. Congratulations! Now what?

Every new student grapples with making a successful transition to college—with remaining healthy, happy, grounded, and in school. Indeed, the national statistics are sobering: One in three freshmen will not come back for sophomore year, and less than 50 percent will graduate on time. A student’s adjustment is key, especially during the period starting with the lazy summer months before move-in and ending at the dizzying close of a student’s first semester. Distilling lessons and sharing stories (some cautionary, some entertaining, all helpful) from her long college advisory career, three-time Ivy League dean Monique Rinere presents a unique month-by-month road map to a college experience that is rich, rewarding, and successful for teens and parents alike. Taking parents from the moment the acceptances arrive to the end of the first college semester, her expert advice covers:

• assessing the right fit among your child’s options: who and what to ask to get the real scoop on campus and academic life
• understanding actual costs: considering hidden expenses, financial-aid and scholarship fine print, loans, and work-study opportunities
• parenting through the senior slump so that students don’t jeopardize their hard-won college spot
• talking to your child about freshman culture shock and their new freedoms around parties, food, finances, and sleep
• what your child needs to know about working with an academic advisor, interacting with professors, and creating their own community of advisors
• how to help your rising freshman create a conceptual bridge from what they are, a graduating high school senior, to what they want to be, a college alum
• time-management and class-scheduling tips to help your child pick an appropriate class (and extracurricular) load
• advice for parents facing the emptying nest: letting go of your anxieties about your child’s autonomy and seizing this opportunity to reinvent your life in new and intentional ways

“A valuable and comprehensive guide for parents of college-bound students . . . The months between high school and college are a critical time, but Dr. Monique Rinere gives you confidence that everything will be all right.”—Marvin Krislov, president, Pace University

Book Review from Net Galley :

Has your son or daughter been accepted in college? Do you know how you are going to pay for it ? Is your student ready for college ?

As a Mom to a freshman college student I had all those questions. And this book helped me talk to my son about college and college life. C hosing the school is just the first step in this exciting journey :

School Choice and Fiances :

We where lucky enough that my son had the grades for scholarships ,grants and state aide to pay for college- but was he ready for the change. He had attend an online school for the last 7 years and would he transition to a college life was my main concern. We took that in consideration when applying to college our check list :

  • Size of college
  • My sons Major
  • Location
  • Scholarships

We narrowed our choice down to three colleges he was accepted at and we went on school visits . He got an actual look at the school and dorms. And then he made the decision on where he would go. And then we attended early orientation where he and his parents had a chance to talk to school officials about paying for college ,classes and more. After move in day our college helped with Freshman On Boarding -where they discussed college life and school history. But If your College doesn’t offer this type of program you are ready to help your student survive freshman year after reading this book ….Knowledge is power ..Lisa

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