Book Review * The Happiness Dairy

What makes you happy? What is Happy? Read this and find the answer:

Practice Living Joyfully

by Barbara Ann Kipfer

Quarto Publishing Group – Fair Winds Press
Fair Winds Press
Health, Mind & Body Self-Help


My story is the story of a tiny spiral notebook that eventually became a million-copy bestseller. I started writing in it in sixth grade, when I felt like I didn’t fit in. Around that time, I happened to find a children’s book called The Happy Book by Patricia Martin Zens, published in 1965. It was a short book of twenty pages, a list of things to be happy about. I liked the idea, so I started my own list.

The things I wrote down were simple. The first entries included blueberry muffins, green peas, bumper pool, cooking, and purses. I carried the notebook with me, opening it randomly. I always felt a boost from reading a few entries. When my notebook filled up, I started another … then another. Eventually the notebooks turned into a book, 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, and a website,, which features a database of more than 164,000 things.

Most importantly, those simple notebooks turned into a practice, a way to cultivate happiness and mindfulness. And with this journal, you can use it, too.

Mindfulness is an important factor, a first step, but mindfulness alone is not enough. Savoring and ingraining the good things you experience grows you a garden from which you will be able to pick flowers when challenges come. It is long-term, resilient happiness inside of you that does not rely on obtaining stuff or on outward circumstances being perfect. This practice is valuable in good times and bad times, a constant companion to help navigate the ups and downs of life.

Let’s get started!

Net Galley Book Review:

What a great diary/journal and just what I needed in my life. This colorful uplifting book gave me great advice on finding happiness in little things in my life and what makes me happy. A wonderful book to read and share with other that may need a little happiness in there life……. Lisa

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