April road trip ! New Roads ,La..

Happy April 1st ! April Fools -when is a river not a river ? When it’s a False River ! Today’s road trip is to New Roads ,La …..

The first settlement in New Roads can be traced back to 1822. A six-block settlement was established at the terminus of a “new road” linking the False River & Mississippi River settlements.

New Roads’ success was guaranteed in 1847 when it was named governmental seat of Pointe Coupee Parish. At the turn of the century, New Roads became a resort community as seasonal tourists began making the pilgrimage to enjoy the tranquil waters of False River.

New Roads, Built 1902, Arch- Andrew J. Bryan & Co., Contr- M. T. Lewman & Co. 
moss on trees

Despite its name, Spanish moss is not a moss but a bromeliad—a perennial herb in the pineapple family. Most bromeliads, including Spanish moss, are epiphytes. Epiphytes grow on other plants, but do not rely on them for nutrients. They take nutrients from the air and debris that collects on the plant

Parlange Plantation near New Roads, Louisiana, built circa 1750, https://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/louisiana/par.htm

The Parlange Plantation House, built about 1750, is a classic example of a large French colonial plantation house in the United States. Exemplifying the style of the semitropical Louisiana country house, the Parlange Plantation House is a two-story raised cottage.

Vincent de Ternant, Marquis of Dansville-sur-Meuse, the Parlange Plantation House remains largely intact.

Vincent de Ternant received the plantation grounds from a French land grant and developed the 10,000 acres into an active plantation facing the False River. 

False River:

False River

False River is an oxbow lake located in southeastern Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana centered at 30°38′19″N 91°29′04″W This lake was once the main channel of the Mississippi River in this area, but was cut off in about 1722 when seasonal flooding cut a shorter channel to the east. Home too many fishing tournaments through out the year as well as family fun..

New Roads Fun Facts :

New Roads hosts the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in Louisiana outside of New Orleans each Shrove Tuesday. … The town’s first recorded Mardi Gras ball was staged in 1881, and its first-known parade rolled in 1897. 

It’s also the place my hubby and I got I marriage license at this courthouse.

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