Grilled Cheese Day ! Pimento and Cheese grilled

National Grilled Cheese Day ! And for this Lenten Friday dish is Pimento and Cheese Grilled ! 2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese (you can add a mix if you want) ½ cup mayonnaise2-3 tablespoons chopped jarred pimentosoptional : Mom adds sweet pickle relish to taste ½-1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauceSlices of your favorite crusty breadButter … Continue reading Grilled Cheese Day ! Pimento and Cheese grilled

DIY Garden Crafts * Rabbits

Another Sunny Friday in South Louisiana. With my eye to the garden I am sharing some fun outside crafts. So lets gather some supplies albumin cans white spray paint piece of wire, material for ears, paint for face ,ribbon Take an empty clean can and stomp on it. Folding in together. Then spray paint it … Continue reading DIY Garden Crafts * Rabbits