Homemade Seed Paper Cards

Today I am sharing a fun project to make with the kids . Making homemade seed paper. Perfect project for this week and makes a great gift for Mother’s Day !

My card with an insert of seed paper

How to make Seed Paper :

  • Gather Paper, Tear, Put into Blender
  • Pour in Warm Water, Blend into a Smooth Pulp
  • Stir in Seed, Strain
  • Spread Pulp, Flatten, Dry
  • Seedpaper Makes Great Note Paper, Invitations, Post Cards


You will first need to gather together a large pile of recyclable paper. Some of the best sources for this paper include newspaper, egg cartons, tissue paper, phone book pages, paper grocery bags, After you have gathered your paper, tear and shred it into very small pieces. Grab your blender jar and fill it half-full with the freshly torn pieces of paper. 
Next, pour some warm water over the pieces of paper in the blender jar. Continue pouring the water into the blender jar until it has filled the blender to the top line. Blend until a fine pulp with no lumps.
Sprinkle about a teaspoon of flower seeds into the mixture and stir them in.
 After you have added the seeds, pour the mixture into a strainer and get rid of as much water as possible
You will now need to lay out a piece of terry cloth, microfiber towel, or flannel on a flat surface. Dump the pulp onto the fabric and use a spoon or spatula to spread the pulp over the fabric. You can spread it into any shape you want, just be sure to spread it as thin as possible to ensure it dries quicker. After you have spread the pulp, use a sponge to flatten the mixture and soak up more water. After the pulp has dried on one side, turn it over and allow the other side to dry completely. Once both sides are dry, your seed paper is ready for use. 

Now that you have lovely squares of seeded paper, there are several ways to use them and give them as gifts. Some ideas include

Idea’s :

  • Bookmarks – poke a hole at the top and thread hemp cord through, then tie in a knot.
  • Greeting cards – use seeded paper as an embellishment to a larger card, or use the paper itself as the card
  • Place cards – great for tea parties, bridal showers, or baby showers
  • Invitations – write directly on the paper with biodegradable ink
  • Ornaments – add a ribbon hanger and embellish with dried flowers or leaves for a pretty spring decoration

When ready to use : Find a Sunny Location, Plant in the Soil, Water and Watch Grow ….. Lisa

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