Summer Vacation Crop Party

Friday and I am planning a party for Tom morrow ! My Crop Theme : Summer Vacation

Take out your Summer pictures, papers and more and let’s play !

Scrapbook Crop Games :

The Price is Right of Scrapbooking – have a tray of items, people guess what the total cost of the items would be, closest price (without going over) wins

Let’s Make a Deal – at the end of the show where they ask people if they have unusual things with them, each items could win the person a small inexpensive embellie

Scrappers Bingo – like baby shower bingo, fill in an empty bingo card with items you would use in scrapbooking, when you see SOMEBODY ELSE use an item on your card you cross it off, play a few round where 5 in a row wins a small prize (don’t clear cards in between) then have a larger prize to give away for the final cover-all round

Party Treats & Prizes :

I am making small treat bags & prizes with scrapbook supplies inside. Or you could add hard candy treats inside……Lisa

Beach Cupcakes :

1box Betty Crocker™ Super Moist™ cake mix (any flavor)Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box

Cook according to direction on the boxes for the cupcakes. And decorate .

1cup Betty Crocker™ Whipped vanilla frosting

blue food color ? sugar

1roll (from 4.5-oz box) Betty Crocker™ Fruit by the Foot™ chewy fruit snack (any flavor)

1/2 C brown sugar

6paper drink umbrellas or small plastic umbrellas,

if desired 6 ring-shaped gummy candies 6 multi-colored fish-shaped crackers

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