Happy Hamburger Day

Happy Hamburger Day ! And today we are at our favorite Hamburger place :

While the inspiration for the hamburger did come from Hamburg, the sandwich concept was invented much later. In the 19th century, beef from German Hamburg cows was minced and combined with garlic, onions, salt and pepper, then formed into patties (without bread or a bun) to make Hamburg steaks

Judice Inn : Lafayette,La : Since 1947

OUR HISTORY https://www.judiceinn.com/history

“The Inn” was first opened on April 5, 1947 by two brothers, Alcide and Marc Judice.  After serving in different branches of the service during WWII, Al and Marc physically built the original building themselves (with the help of many of their family members) under the light of flashlights after their primary day jobs were complete.  With the help and support of their wives (Pearl Cormier Judice and Gladys Bourque Judice), the brothers opened the business on a shoestring budget and long hours.  Their commitment to product quality and personalized customer service exemplified the brothers’ pride in their business.  The word of the “best hamburgers in town” quickly spread throughout Acadiana and though the business originally was considered far outside the city limits, the restaurant was soon frequented by businessmen, laborers and SLI (now UL Lafayette) students who thought the drive was well worth the trip

Menu https://www.judiceinn.com/menu

Served with our Original Judice Sauce, lettuce, a mustard/mayonnaise mixture, and an onion slice on the side. Also available with grilled onions (.50) or an egg (.75) upon request.

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