In my kitchen this Thursday

In my kitchen this Thursday

This Thursday I am without electricity but I have a Gas stove. So this morning Louisiana drip coffee and Pan Per Du for breakfast. 1 egg1 T Sugar8 -10 slices of bread1 C Milk1/2 Tsp nutmeg Beat Egg and Sugar and milk. Grate fresh nutmeg and mix together. Dip bread in mixture and Saute in [...]

The Bride Cried Murder (Sky High Pies Cozy Mysteries Book 2

The Bride Cried Murder (Sky High Pies Cozy Mysteries Book 2

Cozy Mystery and a Sky High Strawberry Recipe

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On a balmy Saturday night at the Sedberry Island Resort & Spa, as guests sleep or relax after a day at the beach, the soothing calm is suddenly shattered by three gunshots, a spine-chilling cry for help and the shocking claim that a man has been murdered.

At that moment, Kate Reed and Zack Hutton are enjoying the first night of their honeymoon beside the Atlantic Ocean. As a former private investigator, Kate’s immediate instinct is to join the search for the killer. But the local police detective makes it clear that she should focus on leisure activities and spa treatments, not a homicide inquiry.

Nevertheless, Kate feels compelled to lend a hand, especially when multiple sources begin offering conflicting stories. As she follows the clues and learns more about the incident, Kate encounters a curious mix of elements, including black patent leather high heels, deceptive security guards…

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Rain,Rain, go away come back another day ! I am without power and roads flooded. Another Thursday in Louisiana. Lisa