Sunday Bible Journal

Its a bright and Sunny Sunday as I write this post. And with next Sunday Fathers Day I though I would share my Dad favorite verse.

As for man, his days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field; Psalm 103 :15


As for man – literally, “Man; like the grass are his days!” The thought is fixed on man: man so frail and weak; man, not only made originally of earth, but man delicate, feeble, soon to pass away like the springing grass, or like the fading flower.

As a flower of the field – As a blossom. It opens with beauty and fragrance, but soon fades and perishes.

So he flourisheth – Rather, “So he blossoms.” That is, he is like a flower that is fresh and beautiful, and that soon withers away.

In my bible I highlighted the field of flowers after reading this verse.

Done with a flower stamp set. You can choose when stamping on your bible pages too put down a fixative (gesso) or not. But make sure you place something behind your page in case of bled through. If you choose to stamp directly on the page I find using a lighter touch works out well and then color with pencils or pastels.

Digital version:

My Dad is not only a sewer of seeds too people but an avid gardener. And at the age of 89 he stills goes out and moves and attend his garden.

This page uses the Flower Show elements from Moore Blessing @

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