Book Review : Attracting : Birds,Butterflies and other backyard wildlife

Make your backyard more nature-friendly by providing habitats for the local wildlife!

  • From the National Wildlife Federation, the largest U.S. nonprofit conservation organization, with 6 million members and 51 state and territorial affiliated organizations
  • 17 step-by-step projects that everyone can do together make getting your family back to nature easy, educational, and fun
  • Over 200 color photos of backyard wildlife habitats and the wide variety of creatures they attract, plus step-by-step photos and illustrations for family projects
  • Learn wildlife-friendly practices for gardening, landscape design, supplemental feeders, birdbaths, nesting places, and more
  • Learn how to attract backyard pollinators, from bees and butterflies to beetles, bats, and hummingbirds
  • Get your garden certified by the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife(TM) program by following the included certification application checklist

Your backyard can come alive by creating an environment with plants and spaces that attract nature’s most interesting and friendly creatures! Colorful butterflies, uplifting songbirds, and lively toads can enhance your personal garden space, giving pleasure to nature lovers of all ages.

Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife provides 17 inspiring wildlife-friendly projects that the whole family can enjoy, making getting back to nature easy, educational, and fun! Learn how to fill your yard and garden with the sights and sounds of nature with ideas for homemade feeders, birdbaths, ponds, native plants, protective cover, nesting places, and more.

Author David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, presents simple plans for reintroducing native plants that birds, butterflies, and a whole host of critters can’t resist. He shows ways to supplement nature to further entice wildlife to your yard and garden, and even provides new information on attracting backyard pollinators—a major issue for environmentalists as bee colonies continue to face challenges.

Mizejewski holds a degree in Human and Natural Ecology from Emory University and has hosted television series on both Animal Planet and NatGeo WILD. He regularly appears on NBC’s Today Show and makes dozens of other media appearances each year to promote wildlife conservation through natural gardening. He specializes in urban ecology, the role that native plants have on wildlife populations, and helping people restore wildlife habitat in their cities, towns, neighborhoods, backyards, and gardens.

Get back to nature by learning how to give back to nature, with Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife, Expanded Second Edition from the National Wildlife Federation!

Ben Franklin Award Winner, Publishers Marketing Association.

Net Galley Book Review :

A wonderful easy book to understand and a pleasure to read. Help the butterflies and other wildlife in your own back yard . It easy ,fun and very beautiful . Lisa

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