Book Review * 180 Prayers to Change the World

Do you want to change the World around you? Read this book and see how you can help-

by Janice Thompson

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

can change
the WORLD!

This inspiring prayer book will put the amazing power of prayer into perspective as you pray for your children and family, your friends, your neighborhood, your local schools, your city, your country, and beyond. You will be guided to pray for positive change in the world as you encounter the many ways you can make an impact through your conversations with God. Featured “Be the Change” sections after each prayer will also encourage you to “act” as you listen for God’s voice and direction for your life. 

Have a conversation with God today, and see how He works through you as you listen for His voice and direction in your life.

Net Galley : Book Review

As this author stats Prayer can change the world and defiantly your life and family life. This book has 180 amazing prayers for your family,community and nation that will change your life and that of others. A perfect way to start the new school year as we pray for our children ,schools and teachers. Buy and Enjoy and Pass it on to your prayer group…..Lisa

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