School Starts this Week

Hello ! And Welcome to Tuesday on my blog.

If you are new to my site on Tuesday I chat about Books, Library and School. All part of my everyday life. You might find a new book, a lesson for the week or what’s going on at my local Library. So Let’s get started since school starts Thursday :

Our On Line School journey :

My son starts is second year of College but he attend a virtual school 6-12 grades. Think of it as homeschool plus public school smashed together. If bye chance you have taken an online college class you will know what I mean. As the public school part – that means – attendance , lessons and state testing is included but with all the flexibility of home schooling. I still run a large Facebook group (300 plus) parents that help with school,lessons and merging the too. It’s always pretty wild as we start the new school year opens with questions.

A Cute Planner makes it easier to plan your day :

Fill it in with school dates, assignments and information. If you do school around activities or doctor appt. include that

Schooling on line tips :

  • Set up a schooling area. with Computer,head phones and supplies. Our school supplies computers and curriculum. As well as state qualified teachers. Make sure you introduce yourself and get contact information from teachers. She may have teaching tips that will help in your journey. If you have Special needs please make contact with Special Ed teachers.
  • Make a schedule to keep track of everything. Organization is a key. With phone numbers and websites. Staying in contact is a must. E mail must be checked daily. Most teachers send out a schedule to follow as well as a syllabus.
  • Join a parents group or Co op to help with lessons or group events. If you are New you will have lots of questions . In can be on line or in person. I also have a group meet up at the Library for lessons and Fun.
  • If worried about socialization- check out free lessons, church or park activities . . Our School host monthly field trips and get together -attend and make contact.
  • This may not work for your child – try at least a semester before giving up. Each child is different – Explore there differences.

A Mom morning schedule :

This came from a Mom in my group. If you have older kids they can help out with breakfast. After breakfast you might set goals for the day or who needs help with lessons. Lisa

My Son in School:

Taking lessons on line. Its a combination of online lessons, Teacher web chats (blackboards) and workbooks for smaller kids. By Louisiana Law we must attend classes 5 days a week – 6 hours a day. Lisa

In high school my son took a combo of high school and College classes.

Make sure you join our Back to School Linky party that starts tomorrow : favorite after school snack or more Link up … Lisa

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