An education in Murder

Welcome to my Library post on Tuesday !

I took over our town library this Summer and will be opening it after school so kids can do lessons in a safe environment.

My family is big readers and we love a library or book store ! While searching to find something to read I find this e book>>>>Lisa

While homeschooling her five children in her small town, Rainbow Bailey spends her days knee deep in lesson plans, laundry and science projects. Between helping run her husband’s sandwich shop and preparing for the town fundraiser, Rainbow’s plate is full. 
One night off, she discovers a body wrapped in plastic and tossed into a dumpster, turning her whole world upside down. Charlottesville’s new chief of police, fresh from the big city, is struggling to adjust to small-town life. With no good clues to follow, he sets his eyes on Rainbow as the prime suspect. 
Will Rainbow and her kids with their unending curiosity and thirst for answers be able to convince Chief Flint that she had nothing to do with poor Harmless Harvey’s death?

About Patty Joy

Patty Joy, born and raised in Illinois, comes from a long line of educators. Third generation Lutheran school teacher, she detoured into the world of homeschooling. Spare time activities include swimming, reading, and exploring new places- all fodder for her novels.

So Mom’s take a break from school and enjoy this book.. It’s a cute clean cozy mystery we can all relate too. See you at the Library ! Lisa

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