Tuesday”s Bell Ringer

Today starts with the First week of school tips and plans :


Having a classroom that is organized and ready for students is incredibly important. Making sure the important items in the class have a place and that they are accessible is key. In your classroom take advantages of shelves and inexpensive bins to organize items.

If this is you first year of home schooling this is very important. Get tips from other parents or teachers on how to set up a school area. Do you have a dedicated room ? Table? Bookshelf? if you need idea’s. check out Pinterest boards ( . home school organization storage organizing tips )



Spend a good chunk of your first week of school teaching classroom rules, routines, and procedures. There is nothing more important during the first week. If you are in a regular school explain : Lunch time rules , recess,breaks, assembly and any other safety routines. Do you require a planner for notes or homework? Is it turned in beginning of the day ? Let kids know what is expected from them – and a quick outline for parents . M

Class schedule :

If you teach in a regular school you may have a set schedule you will need to follow. But if you home school Read on…

The biggest discussion this week on my School Facebook group is class schedules . As we are doing a virtual school with teachers our schedules are set with some flexibility. If you are doing a traditional home school you should plan a schedule that works for your kids. Math and Science in morning after Lunch Reading and writing. It might take a little while but you will find your schedule.

As you set your schedule up at home keep in mind family projects,other kids and appointments . https://www.123homeschool4me.com/free-homeschool-schedule-planner

If you need help with a schedule forms : google home school planners.

First Week of school Projects :

The first week of school can be crazy. With you finding yourself and learning your students. A few quick project can help keep kids busy while you learn a little about your students.

Our on line school gives out a standard test to judge where kids need help in each grade, But if you are in regular school you may have kids school records or test results to see who needs extra help. . Maybe its reading ? or Writing ? Are numbers?

Come Back tomorrow for some great Kids crafts and my BTS Linky Party. Lisa

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