Coming Soon * The Lifelong Gardener

The Lifelong Gardener: Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age

by Toni Gattone

Timber Press

“The secret to making the most of later life is to keep doing what you love. With practical advice and gentle inspiration, Gattone shows us how gardening can work for people of any age.” —Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness

You can keep gardening for life, you just need to make adjustment as you age. In The Lifelong Gardener, adaptive gardening expert Toni Gattone shares her proven methods for making your favorite hobby easier on your aging body—techniques that that will help you garden smarter, not harder. This helpful guide includes dozens tried-and-true methods that help eliminate the physical strain of gardening, like buying ergonomic tools, using raised beds, and moving tools around in bins on wheels. The Lifelong Gardener celebrates the joy of gardening, and Gattone’s message of empowerment will stir you to find joy in your garden for years to come.

Net Galley Book Review coming 8/20 :

I loved this book. Both my Grandparents and Parents have been life long gardeners . As they got older we have helped them still garden bye using some of these tips in this book. . Now they do lots more container and small raised gardening spots in the yard. And flowers they buy lots of bulbs and perennials . Which my son plants so that they can enjoy flowers and plants year long. If you have a gardener in your family that may need help buy them this book for great ideas…. Lisa

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