Scrapbooking with Lisa

Welcome Saturday Scrapbook fan :

Today’s question : Do you start your layout with the picture or the paper?

I think one thing all cardmakers and scrapbooker will agree on is that we love the paper and sometimes it calls to use to find the perfect paper to match a picture with it to share .

Let’s start with the basics : Paper

When you need a piece of paper for a project, consider the project you’re making and what exactly that piece of paper will be doing in that project. Is it acting as a base for a card you plan to cake with embellishments? You’ll want to choose a heavier weight cardstock. Is the piece of paper acting as a border for a picture? A lighter weight paper will suffice. Generally, paper weight ranges from 10-140 lbs. 

  • 10-55 lbs: Light weight paper 
  • 55-85 lbs: Medium weight paper
  • 85-120 lbs: Heavy weight paper
  • 120 lbs and up: Extra heavy weight paper

Once you select your photos, pick a patterned paper for your background, this instantly adds color and depth to a page. A patterned paper is a great way to mirror your photo’s story—and you can find a paper for practically every look, style and theme.

Let the paper pattern help you tell your story and make creating your album faster and easier: Choose a pattern that enhances your theme, like an elegant paper for a page of black-and-white photos, or a fun print for kids’ pictures. Then pick a coordinating plain paper or cardstock to mat or “frame” the photos.


First, select your photos based on one theme or event—a child’s first birthday, your weekend trip to the coast or an everyday event like the kids’ bath time. Think of each page as having a story to tell. Because that’s what scrapbooking does it tells the story of our memories.

Is the pictures to be part of a layout or more?

  • pictures for an album for yourself
  • for a gift to some one (Birthday/ wedding present)

How many pictures ?

It’s a matter of personal taste, and much will depend on the size of your photos. For small heritage photos, you could fit 9-10 on a 12”x12” layout—which wouldn’t leave much room for journaling.

So what is your choice the picture or paper?

Most would say picture since it holds all the memories but sometimes that special paper whens out in the end.. Lisa

Next Saturday : World Card making Day

first Saturday in October . Let’s get together to celebrate World Cardmaking Day 2019 (#WCMD2019)! Celebrated annually on the first Saturday in October, the day first began in 2006 and was created by Paper Craft magazine as a way to encourage crafters to get a head start on the holiday card-making season.

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