At my Library this Tuesday

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month . And today I highlight this book:

How do we explain Cancer to our kids or young ones in the family. This book is a great aid in explaining.this illness So check it out here or at the Library. Lisa

A vibrantly and poignantly illustrated book that focuses on explaining the loss of hair due to chemotherapy. Explains hats, scarves, wigs, going bald in public, and the idea that what is inside of us is far more important than how we look on the outside. Appropriate for ages 3 to 12. One of two books LIVESTRONG.ORG recently recommended to help explain cancer to children. Used in 100+ cancer centers.

“Sue Glader’s words put it all in the proper perspective. A wonderful tool for families.”
– Kelly Corrigan, NYTimes bestselling author of The Middle Place and Lift..

Nowhere Hair is cheeky in its approach to why mommy’s hair is falling out from cancer medicine. This book is a wonderful tool to explain that hair may fall, but a mother’s love never fails.” – KIWI Magazine

“This is hands down the BEST book currently available when it comes to talking to kids about cancer. I work with women of all ages with cancer and one of their big struggles is how to talk to their children or grandchildren about what they are going through. Most books out there that I have seen are either too technical, too scary, or too religious. Sue Glader has found the perfect tone – written in the voice of a child, she is not afraid to talk about sensitive topics (mood swings, health, hair loss, fear). She succeeds in doing it in a way that inspires hope, encourages tolerance, and leaves readers with a solid sense that she really understands what they are going through.

I can’t say enough about the book – I give it to all my patients who need it and every single one of them has told me how it has helped their family. Cancer is scary enough – this is one way to make it just a little less frightening to children and parents alike.”
– Sharon Leslie

Biography ( author)

An award-winning marketing and advertising copywriter, Sue never thought she’d publish a book about this subject matter. But then, that’s life for you.

Nowhere Hair is Sue’s personal response to help young children (and women) through a cancer diagnosis, having walked in those shoes in 1999 at age 33. She was the “bald mama” around town. With Nowhere Hair, she wants to help women realize that being bald is a time to be brave, bold, and beautiful.

Sue lives in Marin County, California, with her husband and son and rescue dog Roxy.

Learn more about Sue and the making of the book at Or grab a sneak peak inside the book trailer

Join the Beautifully Bald Initiative on Facebook, at

Free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited:

It is very difficult for a family to explain to a child what cancer is. That disease that a loved one has. This book explains to children, in a joyful and true way, what cancer is.

Carolina Schmidt, the author, is an Oncology Pharmacist with extensive experience with pediatric oncohematology and chemotherapy in children and adults. She is a scientific writer for Springer Nature and also writes children’s books about cancer.
Bruno Calmon, the illustrator, is an artist and architect, with numerous works and various exhibitions.

“What is Cancer? A book for kids” is also available on Amazon in Spanish and Portuguese.

* This book explains cancer (in general, not specifying one), treatment, chemotherapy, hair loss and hospitalization. It has no negativity and is a very didactic book, in a easy-to-read, friendly, happy and true way.

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