Scrapbooking with Lisa

This Saturday I am sharing pages with no pictures -so enjoy… Lisa

Most often with our scrapbooking, we are looking at preserving memories and using our photos as a focal point. This is the basis of what we do in scrapbooking, whether it’s paper, digital, or hybrid. The photo is the star of the page!

Oftentimes, though, we can be very creative in designing layouts with no photos at all. In doing so, we can still communicate something about ourselves or illustrate a memory that we want to preserve. Maybe there is a topic for which there are no photos – or no acceptable photos? Or maybe it’s a memory we want to share but since we are often the ones behind the camera … you know where I’m going with that, don’t you? I know that I practically don’t exist in our family albums, so by making photoless pages about things that are important to me, I become represented, at least a little bit!

So here some examples of pages without pictures to tell the story :

A favorite quote for a mini album page.

My Annual family Christmas recipe album:

The star is a family recipe for gingerbread . Later in the books I have pictures of family cooking and assembling the house.

The star of this page is the wonderful printed paper and a great crockpot chili recipe for everyone to enjoy.

So go ahead and make those pages with No pictures you will be gald you did…. Lisa

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