Why We Quilt

Why We Quilt

In this tribute to today’s vibrant quilting community, prize-winning quilter and teacher Thomas Knauer showcases a stunning collection of quilts from a wide range of contemporary makers, accompanied by their testimonials about what inspires and imbues their craft with meaning. From temperance quilts to the AIDS quilt, there’s a rich history of individuals and communities [...]

Pizza by Pippa Cuthbert, Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Pizza  by Pippa Cuthbert, Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Over 90 Innovative Recipes for Crusts, Sauces, and Toppings for Every Pizza Lover by Pippa Cuthbert, Lindsay Cameron Wilson Fox Chapel Publishing CompanionHouse Books Pizza is a weekly staple dinner simply because it’s delicious, easy, and fun to personalize, no matter your food preference. The ultimate DIY guide to making pizza at home, this recipe book [...]

Organic Book of Compost

Organic Book of Compost

An early look at a book all of us could use... Lisa Organic Book of Compost, 2nd Revised Edition: Easy and Natural Techniques to Feed Your Garden (IMM Lifestyle Books) Handbook to Sustainable, Low-Cost Methods, Community Composting, & More, with FAQ Grow beautiful garden plants with rich soil you produce yourself! Complete guide to learning the [...]

In The Kitchen with Lisa

In The Kitchen with Lisa

Welcome to my Food Blog on Thursday ! Today's recipe slow cooked pork chops with potatoes. Perfect for the supper tonight- So Welcome to my kitchen and dive in..... Lisa 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed golden mushroom soup1 (1 ounce) package onion soup mix2 tablespoons brown sugar1 [...]

Author Lynn Shurr

Author  Lynn Shurr

Touch of Louisiana magic this Thursday

Lisa Everyday Reads

A little Louisiana magic this Halloween with Lynn Shurr :

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Adrienne and Pete—is their love real or are they the victims of an old traitor’s love potion? Are they truly attracted to each other or have they been cursed to marry and be blessed with seven children? Only time will tell as they fulfill a prophecy during their tempestuous courtship and marriage. ( Free to borrow with Kindle unlimited)


Southern belle Addy Courville is condemned to haunt her ancestral home for all eternity after drowning herself when her fiancé dies in the Civil War. Over the years, Addy’s ghost gains power and sophistication. When she notes other souls from her youth being reincarnated, she decides to possess a young body and seek her beloved Rory. Though she tries to push away the soul of a frail child, Sarah Beth Niles proves to be stronger than expected.

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