Home for the holiday

Happy Friday – Today I am sharing my craft projects from our local Dollar store:

If you follow me you know I live in a very small town in South Louisiana. Large Craft Stores are an hour away – so a lot of my project our done with what I find in local places. Our local Dollar General always has basic craft supplies but doing any holidays they get these cute inexpensive kits/

Perfect for parties favors or projects with the kids. Most run about a Dollar a kit. So this is what I have been working on…… Lisa

Ornaments :

These are naked clay with Paint. Small in size perfect for a tag or small tree.

Package of 2 wooden ornaments with markers or you could use paint. Or I have just ignored the paint and used the shapes for my own craft projects.

Reindeer Felt / plastic mat kits. From there let your imagination take off. You can put them on packages as tags or use them in craft projects. Like this Cute Large magnate clip to hold a card or notebook….

Festive Head Band:

This kit came with white head band with the cut out felt flowers and beads for the center. A perfect projects for tween girls too do.

Today’s Craft Tip:

Shop after the holidays when they put everything on clearance . Some of these kits can be purchased for 70% off at our local shop…..Lisa

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