January*Planner Monday

Happy Monday it’s Planner day in January

In the last year I have been on the planner craze and one of my favorites is Happy Planner. Over the year I have bought many and the stickers to match. But you can pick up other planner where ever you shop.

Have a favorite Planner -drop me a comment ! Lisa

Big Happy Planner

I bought this kit last year https://thehappyplanner.com/collections/big-happy-planners

  • Lined vertical layout
  • non dated
  • Planner Dimensions: 8½” x 11”

Classic Happy Planner

I bought this kit during Black Friday on Sale . Can’t wait to open and use it this month https://thehappyplanner.com/collections/classic-happy-planners

  • Vertical Layout
  • Planner Dimensions: 7” x 9¼”

Mini Happy Planner

I bought with 4o% coupon from craft store https://thehappyplanner.com/collections/mini-happy-planners

  • Vertical layout
  • Planner Dimensions: 4⅝” x 7”

Happy Planner You Tube Channel :

So check back later for my January layout in my Classic planner….. Lisa

2 thoughts on “January*Planner Monday

  1. I just bought and started my Happy Planner. I love them! I found a new style this year that I love. I am a vertical day person (not horizontal) and I finally found a planner with lines on it vertically. I am in heaven!

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