101 Quilting Tips & Tricks Pocket Guide

 (Landauer) Handy Reference to Penny Haren’s Expert Advice on Equipment, Short Cuts, Organization, Using Color, Choosing Patterns, Machine Quilting, & More 

Over 100 tips & tricks from Penny Haren to make quilting easier and more fun! Find advice on:

  • Equipment
  • Cutting short cuts
  • Organizing your sewing space
  • Playing with color
  • Choosing patterns
  • Machine quilting tips
  • …and much more!

Nationally known quilting authority Penny Haren has accumulated more than 100 tips and tricks to make your quilting experience easier and more enjoyable. In this handy guide Penny shares her expert advice on equipment, choosing backing, organizing your sewing area, appliqué and embroidery, rotary cutting mats, sewing machine tips, and much more.

At the convenient pocket size of 4″ x 6″, this guide fits easily into your purse or quilting bag to be carried along anywhere! Take it with you to the fabric store for reference, so you can be sure to make informed purchasing decisions.

Quilters at every skill level will benefit from the exciting variety of techniques, shortcuts, and organization ideas found in the compact pages of 101 Quilting Tips & Tricks!

Net galley Book Review :

First I disturb that the author may have used a image not hers – but maybe that just a mistake with publisher . If you check Amazon this is what everyone is talking about first rather than the book/

I loved all the tips given in the book , she covered ways to organize your sewing room, mentioned several tips for scrap quilting, talked about ways to use the quilts other than as a bed quilt, ways to highlight quilt blocks in decorating, and a couple of ideas for gifts. All that I found useful because sometimes you just don’t have time to make a whole quilt. Lisa

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