Monday * Project Life

Here’s my Monday Project Life : As we start the week with President Day (day off) – and then getting ready for Mardi Gras next Tuesday .

Pictures :

Melville Farmers & Market Bank : now a Senior center. The bank is done in Black and great metal work in the Art Deco style.

What are the characteristics of Art Deco architecture?Art Deco is characterized by vertical emphasis and the use of new materials like chrome, stainless steel, and opaque plate glass. Designs are geometric and use shapes like pyramids, chevrons or zigzags, and lightning bolts. Buildings sometimes include stylized figures of waterfalls, sunrises and mythological figures.

Mardi Gras ; hometown parade and King Cake

White Tail restaurant on Hwy 90.

Recipe :

Easy King Cake


  • 2 cans store-bought cinnamon rolls I used Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls with Butter Cream Icing
  • Yellow green and purple sugar
  • 1 plastic toy baby if desired


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  2. Place cinnamon rolls sideways on a large cookie sheet that has been greased or lined with a silicone mat. Arrange cinnamon rolls in a circular pattern. Press down on cinnamon rolls with your hand to flatten them slightly.Should form a circular shape like the picture.
  3. Bake according to package instructions. Let cool.
  4. Frost with the buttercream that comes with the cinnamon rolls. Add yellow, green and purple sugar

on line ordering :

New Orleans bakery

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