Coloring My World

With everything going on I find myself taking a little time for myself and distressing from the day by watching some old favorite TV shows ( Designing Women on HULU) and doing some coloring. So get your colors out and join me today.

What do yellow and orange roses mean?Orange: Passion, desire, and enthusiasm. We already know that

red roses represent deep love and that yellow ones represent friendship.

This pre made card to color has glitter on the rose petals . Perfect for Mom for Mother’s Day since

these are her favorite color of roses. I am using a combination of markers and colored pencils. Lisa

Free color pages :

Try Just Color

Moon page done in markers and crayons. Lisa

Marker Buying tips :

Look for this in your new markers :

  • Number of Colors
  • Vibrancy of Colors
  • Type and Quality of Tips
  • Ink Consistency and Longevity
  • Design of the Pen
  • Price

Crayola Fine Line Markers Adult Coloring Set is a great starting point if you are just starting out

and dont want to spend a lot of money. Lisa

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