Women of the Bible

Happy May ! And In honor of Mother’s Day : I am celebrating the strong women of the Bible. First up : Esther

What is the story of Esther in the Bible?Esther, the beautiful Jewish wife of the Persian king Ahasuerus (Xerxes I), and her cousin Mordecai persuade the king to retract an order for the general annihilation of Jews throughout the empire. The massacre had been plotted by the king’s chief minister, Haman, and the date decided by casting lots

What is the main message of the Book of Esther?The theme of the book of Esther is God’s protection of Israel. Although God is actually not mentioned in the book, He clearly saves His people from the scheme of Haman. Throughout history, the Jewish people have been treated unjustly, and the story of Esther tells of one of those occurrences.

God’s Sovereignty – The hand of God is at work in the lives of his people. He used the circumstances in Esther’s life, as he uses the decisions and actions of all humans to providentially work out his divine plans and purposes. We can trust in the Lord’s sovereign care over every aspect of our lives.

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