Garden themed gate fold cards

Today on my Craft table cards for your love ones that enjoy’s Gardening !

. If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. –Cicero

ATC card or tag for garden gift

The etymology of the word “gnome” is not completely clear. Paracelsus, named elemental earth beings pigmaei or gnomi to, possibly from the Greek word “genomos” meaning “earth-dweller.”The earliest appearance of garden gnome-like statues was in ancient Rome. Their garden forerunners were statues that represented the Roman gods.The primary function of these statues was to protect the gardens from evil spirits, as well as to ensure a successful harvest.

t is believed that the very first contemporary-looking garden gnome (with the iconic red hat), was made in Germany by sculptor Phillip Griebel. Soon, the fashion had spread across Europe, from England to Poland, and Griebel concentrated his entire manufacturing around producing garden gnomes.

Plant seeds of Love ” : Gate fold cards

A simple gate fold card made with some Simple Story -Garden Party card stack paper. The inside is decorated with fun flower onches in printed paper and from the stack….. Lisa

More about Gate fold cards :

A gatefold card is slightly different from other basic cards. Instead of having a single fold, a gatefold card has two folds, each forming a flap that meets in the center on the front of the card.In addition to decorating the two cover panels, the inside of the card is also decorated. An additional design flourish can be added to a gatefold card by creating a closure or overlapping panel to sit on the front of the card to hold the two cover flaps together.

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