Memorial Garden

As many know my Dad passed away lately. And we are in the process of moving into the family house.  We will be the 3rd generation to live here.

I am in the process of making a memorial garden in the yard out of this small garden spot my Dad started. He was an avid gardener and love being outside in nature.

In the Garden : one of my Dad favorite hymn.

I have a small marble bench , metal church,  statue and will be adding birdhouses,  feeders and plants to this garden. 

After Laura came through. 

The center piece is 3 red buds trees which i will add my parents and grandparents favorite plants.. My son has asked to add cat mint and memorial stone for all his 4 legged family hes lost . Lisa


I come to the garden alone. He walks with me and talks with me. Based on John 20.

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