At the Library

Today we Welcome in September! And visitor to our Library. We have been closed because of the storm so we have some Housekeeping to do before everyone arrives.

Here at the Melville Library:

The kids are ready for story time and school help. But stay for Craft time where today we are using leaves to make Art. Lisa

We gather leaves,and with colors we make these tracing.

Adults have book club! So come join us in our September reading challenge:

Debut Novel :
The Jane Austen Society
Natalie Jenner

Jane Austen’s incredible writing remains the literary gift that keeps on giving. Jenner’s historical fiction debut is set during World War II in the small English town of Chawton. If that name sounds familiar to Janeites, it’s because Austen briefly called a small cottage in Chawton home. In this novel, the bitter, dying James Knight owns that very cottage as well as a more sizable estate, but he changes his will to disinherit his daughter, Frances, setting the scene for a story that reads like a darker version of an Austen novel. All the moral complexity and acerbic social commentaries are intact as a cast of locals perform a complex dance of love, social position, and gossip that would make Jane proud

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