In Remberance of 9/11

Good morning ! Do you rember what you where doing when you heard the news? Most people rember that day ‘ We were taking my son to a pedatrics appointment and sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office. After seeing it broadcasted I had my hubby call his family in New York to make sure everone was okay . But my son was one how to explain it to a small child ?

Lap Book :

If you are a home schooler you know all about lapbooks. Small books with activities for the child to color and do. This one with stars,flags and other patriot symbols made of paper. And activites for the kids to finish and understand about this day .

Here’s a great book for the kids :

This is the true story of “Sirius,” the Port Authority police patrol dog who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Told by “Sirius” in his own words, this heart-warming story describes the friendship and courage shared by “Sirius” and his police officer partner David, who survived the 9/11 attacks. A personal letter from David to the reader is included in this book. “Sirius, The Hero Dog of 9/11” is not only the inspiring story of a dog and his police officer partner. It is also the true story, for readers young and old, of tragedy, triumph and courage on the darkest day in America’s history.

However you choose to share do in remberance of the fallen and the hero’s of that day ! Lisa

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