The Wood Burn Book:

The Wood Burn Book Review

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An Essential Guide to the Art of Pyrography by Rachel Strauss

InThe Wood Burn Book, Rachel Strauss (@woodburncorner) teaches you everything you’ll need to know to master pyrography, whether you’re brand new to thehobbyor you’ve been “writing with fire” for years.

This essential guide opens with a brief background to the art of wood burning, a list oftools and how to use them,basic techniquesthat can be used over and over again, and evenwhat to burnandhow to be safedoing it. You will also find adetailed explanation of the process from start to finish, with patterns, techniques for lettering and adding color, as well as dozens of projects ready for gifting, includingpicture frames,cutting boards,coasters,cards,wooden spoons, andjewelry.

Above all, Strauss has created the book she wished she had when she…

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