Indoor Kitchen Gardening Handbook:

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Projects & Inspiration to Grow Food Year-Round – Herbs, Salad Greens, Mushrooms, Tomatoes & More 

Named one of the Best Gardening Books of 2014 by theChicago Tribune,Indoor Kitchen Gardeningis about creating a sense of play and nourishment. It takes just a few dollars and a few days for you to start enjoying fresh, healthy produce grown indoors in your own home.TheIndoor Kitchen Gardening Handbookis amore compact, giftable edition of the originalbook and offers tons of great growing information in a smaller package.

Imagine serving a home-cooked meal highlighted with beet, arugula, and broccolimicrogreens grown right in your kitchen, accompanied by sautéed winecap mushrooms grown in a box of sawdust in your basement. If you have never tasted microgreens, all you really need to do is envision all the flavor of an entire vegetable plant concentrated into a single tantalizing seedling. If you…

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