On my Craft table

Today on my craft table I am making these cute albums with plastic disc.

I was cleaning my craft room getting ready for the big move when I came across this Rollabind system I had. And decided to make some quick holiday albums with the system. But its also perfect for school work or art journals . Anytime you need a system that you can pull out the pages and replace as needed. Lisa

If you’re not familiar with the discbound system, let me share a few details with you about it. Instead of using rings like a traditional 3-ring binder, it uses a series of discs to keep the pages bound together. There are several different sizes of discs so you can create a customized notebook in the size you want.

My front cover is made with a light wait cardboard covered with scrapbook paper and decorated with Fall accents.

The Christmas album front cover and pages are made from construction paper the kids decorated with there art projects.

Disc-binding is a type of notebook binding that uses discs to hold the sheets of paper. … in the US, Clairefontaine (under the brand ‘Clairing’) in France, Rollabind in the US, Office Depot (TUL), Staples (Arc), and William Hannah in the UK.

Many of these systems are inter changeable and the only place I have found more rollabind is on the secondary market. Etsy and Ebay have supplies for this system.

Staples system https://www.staples.com/Arc-Notebook-Systems-Notebooks-Pads/cat_CL165557/dkv38

Office Depot https://www.officedepot.com/catalog/search.do?Ntt=TUL+punch

Levenger https://www.levenger.com/circa-discs-punches-1008.aspx

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