Weekend * Garden Mums

Welcome to my Saturday in the garden. As we are half through October and the weather is changing you will be seing a few changes on Saturday . Some gardening but also some home projects as we get ready for the holiday season. So look for some Fun & Exciting post this November and December.

Garden Mums

Garden mums (Chrysanthemum spp.) are herbaceous perennials in the daisy family and are stalwarts of the flowering  autumn garden. When garden centers sell blooming potted mums in the fall, they are usually used as annuals and discarded when the blooms fade. And when gardeners try to transplant these mums into the ground late in the season, chances are they won’t make it through winter and become  perennial .

How to Grow Hardy Chrysanthemums

Plant mums in fertile, moist, well-draining soil as soon as the soil warms in the spring. Mums generally prefer full sun, but they will tolerate some light shade. From late spring to mid-summer, pinch back the tips and flower buds on all shoots to make the plant bushier and prepare it for a dramatic fall show. For optimal blooming, the plants should be fertilized regularly throughout the growing season.

When growing in a pot,

water the soil surface, using a watering can, until moisture begins to drain from the bottom of the pot (make sure the pot has drainage holes). Water should drain freely through the soil and out the bottom of the pot when watering. Soil should remain moist, but not soggy. Soggy soil can cause root rot and other diseases.

I grow mine out front in a large iron pot out front. with rums around to add some winter hardy pansy for additional color. Lisa

Thanks for stopping bye this Saturday and watch out for what’s new in the coming weeks… Lisa

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