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Thanks for stopping bye this Wednesday. I invited my girlfriends over for a Movie and drinks for Halloween. Movie : Hocus Pocus Witches Brew drink 1 oz vodka1/2 oz lime juice2 oz Raspberry liqueur2 oz Sprite1 tsp. Silver Cake shimmer(editable cake glitter for Shine) 1 drop purple food coloring In a large bar shaker add your liquors, silver shimmer, and lime juice.Shake to combine.Pour your mixture [...]

Fun Foto Challenge : Pink

This is one of my favorite flowers. This hydrangea pink color comes from the alkaline soil here in my front yard. Total Pink or at least. 90% needs to be all one colorhttps://wordpress.com/read/blogs/59080076/posts/48984 What determines the color of a hydrangea? macrophylla depends on soil pH. Red or pink blooms result from neutral or basic soil (pH 7 and above), whereas blue blooms indicate acidic conditions [...]

Top Ten Tuesday : Halloween

Top Ten Free Halloween books this Tuesday !

Lisa Everyday Reads

Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween freebies is today’s post. Just in time to fill your reader before Saturday….

Miss Henrietta Moore’s life is about to get Mysterious. When Sally, Henri’s maid, comes across a Mask in a trunk of old costumes, Henrietta is entranced and transformed. She secretly wears the mask at the first of October’s masquerades, hoping to catch the attention of the man she thinks she loves. Instead, she finds herself the talk of the town. When her mother gives her an ultimatum to be engaged by All Hallows Eve or be forced into an arranged marriage, Henrietta continues her rouse in the hopes that the man of her dreams will recognize her. In a dance of mystery and disguise, love finds her when she isn’t looking, and luckily for her, the heart sees through any mask.

She never thought she’d be the prince in the Cinderella story.


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