Local Ghost Hauntings

Thanks for stopping bye this Friday for my Halloween edition. Today I am sharing some local ghost stories : From each side of the river and both only 30 minutes from home….. So today let’s visit for some haunting good times…. Lisa

New Roads courthouse : Point Coupee Parish

Built in 1902 it has stories to tell and ghost in the windows.


The ghost of a girl in a wedding gown appears on full moon nights walking through the oak trees of the plantation. This plantation house is privately owned, but is open by appointment for viewings. There is a fee charged. Call 225-638-8410 for further information.

 Opelousas’ Court House : St Landry Parish

Opelousas Museum and Interpretive Center in Opelousas, Louisiana

This building houses some great historical relics, including the barber chair where the infamous Clyde Barrow got his last haircut, but it wasn’t always home to history. It used to be a funeral home. Rumors have it that spirits now haunt the museum, and eerie things have been experienced there by visitors and employees. Doors open and close on their own, the smell of old perfume fills the air when nobody’s there and antique dolls will move around in the display cases on their own.

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